Dr. Phil
As see on Dr. Phil in the episode "Little Boy Lost," a mother fights to grapple with her 11 year old sons transgender identity. Dr. Angello speaks as a transgender therapist.

ABC News, Prime Time
As seen on Prime Time, interviewer Juju Chang follows the love story of Chloe Prince and her transition while raising a son with her wife in "Family Secrets." Dr. Angello speaks as a transgender therapist.

Trans The Movie
Trans is a featured documentary that follows that sheds light on the intimate journey of the of a remarkable cast of transgender characters.

Dr. Phil, Am I The Only One
In this episode Dr. Phil analyzes the life of a late bloomer. Transgender therapist, Dr Michele Angello works to shed light on the experience as a whole.

Larry King Live, Revising Gender
In this episode Larry King interviews Felicity Huffman from TransAmerica, author Jennifer Boylan and transgender therapist Dr. Michele Angello

In The Life

A 2009 episode "Revising Gender" discusses aspects of gender identity, examining the proposed reformation to eliminate Gender Identity Disorder (GID) from The American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM). Transgender therapist Michele Angello, surgeon Dr. Christine McGinn, and NCTE ED Mara Keisling are featured in this episode.