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Children are coming out as transgender or gender nonconforming at higher rates than at any other time in our history. Providers, teachers, and healthcare professionals should be the first to know how to respond to unique questions and concerns that these students have regarding treatment while in school that could aid or hinder their learning. Become one of the hundreds of schools, community centers, and universities to properly address the unique needs of transgender youth by inviting Dr. Michele Angello, clinical sexologist and transgender specialist  to your institution. Dr. Angello’s informative approach will enhance relationships between staff and students, with the intent of bringing parents and communities together. Avoid common pitfalls by starting the conversation today.

In her presentation Dr. Angello will cover:

  • The transgender spectrum:  from language to pronouns
  • Ways a transgender youth will impact your office or classroom
  • Promoting healthy relationships amongst peers, staff, and family
  • Factors that contribute to the mental health and stability of transgender youth
  • Unique challenges that some non-binary students face while at school
  • And finally, what about the bathrooms!

Continue to educate yourself:

  • Individuals are invited to sit privately with Dr. Angello, and ask questions after the talk
  • Receive free support from Dr. Angello up to 6 months after the initial speakership

Dr. Angello is dedicated to offering community services that enrich the scholastic, community, and medical experiences of transgender youth. If you are interested in being on the cutting edge of educational diversity, invite Dr. Angello to educate your staff and become one of the growing number of trans positive educators and professionals in the country.

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